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Urban Junkie

Saturday, December 22, 2007

For Boogie

While there's been much to celebrate this year, what remains with me overwhelmingly as the year draws to a close is the sadness of Boogie saying goodbye to us.

We miss you, Boogie. Even after 5 months, I feel strange putting down only one bowl of food, being dragged along the street by only one leash, having only one jaw grip my wrist when I get back home and only one paw urging me to wake up in the morning. Only one tail threatening to knock my martini off the table. Only black hair and none golden on the furniture (yes, well, there are some things I shouldn't complain about. But there it is).

Gypsy misses her buddy and doesn't know where to rest her chin. Cushions are just not the same as a certain comfy back (well, there are probably some things you don't complain about). It isn't as much fun charging down the street if you aren't there to race against. And no fun at all terrorizing the squirrels all alone.

I hope you're happy wherever you are.

As we say goodbye to the year, it is time to say another goodbye to you. Thank you for 11 wonderful years. We love you, Boogie, and always will.


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